About 3R RecycleR

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3R Recycler Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated to focus on reducing the storage of used and discarded electronic equipment, which are mostly land filed or recycled by unorganised sector in unhygienic way leading to severe health hazards to poor workforce. 3R RecycleR has established itself as India’s leading provider of IT Asset Disposition services. 3R RecycleR serves India’s leading IT, IT-enabled, telecom, Pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and Hospitality sectors companies to manage their electronic waste in an environmental friendly manner while also generating revenues for the clients, complying norms set by the Pollution Control Board for the environmental safety.

3R Recycler specializes in end-of-life electronics recycling, the process by which obsolete electronic devices are dismantled and separated into clean, reusable commodities. 3R RecycleR is able to efficiently and effectively process large volumes of end-of-life electronics (also known as e-waste) utilizing automated recycling equipment and cutting-edge technology. Our state-of-the-art electronics recycling facilities, which are ISO Certified, are designed to maximize materials recovery and eliminate harmful waste while and safeguarding our workers and environment.

3R RecycleR committed to provide its client an exceptional, customised E-waste management service in line with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which will further optimise environmental, Social and economic value of their waste and resources.

3R Recycler is a member of the International Association of Electronic Recyclers (IAER), USA, now merged with ISRI, USA. 3R is also a member of other prestigious Green earth Recyclers, NJ, USA. 3R RecycleR is the facility serving Nationwide and recognized by Haryana Pollution Control Board (HPCB) and is also registered with CPCB.