Why 3R RecycleR

Why 3R RecycleR final bannererere

 India’s leading professional e-waste Management Company.

State-of art e-waste recycling facility located in NCR Region.

Pan-India reverse logistics network enabling efficient and economical supply chain management.

Compliance with E-waste management and handing rules, 2011

Highest standards of accountability in e-waste management

Transparent and accurate reporting to clients along with issue of certificate of e-waste disposal

An ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified company

Committed to the highest Environmental, Health and safety (EHS) standards across all process

Our hi-tech data destruction equipment imported from US, capable of cleaning any sensitive data from any magnetic device (i.e. Hard disks, pen-drive, magnetic tapes). Equipment is certified by NSA in US so you could be assured that your data will not be recoverable.